JDPSR SNS Management Policy

SNS Management Policy

1. Account information

Twitter:@JDPSR_PR Joint Doctoral Program for Sustainability Research
URL: https://twitter.com/JDPSR_PR


2. Purpose

We opened our SNS to effectively provide information on our updates, events, education/research activities, admission information, and other valuable information to society.

3. Content

Information from our website.

4. “Follow” and “Retweet“

We do “Follow” and/or “Retweet” other accounts when the head of department decides the information is beneficial to the users and our program.

5. Reply

We do not reply to any comments or tweets.
If you have any inquiries, please use the contact form on our website (https://www.wt-jdpsr.jp/contact/).
The comments and posts that are considered inappropriate may be deleted without the consent of the user.

6. Deletion and suspension of the account

The official account may be suspended or deleted in unavoidable situations where the provision of information becomes difficult.

7. Other

This management policy will be revised as necessary without notice.

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