Diploma Policy

Diploma Policy

Nurture inter- and transdisciplinary practical professionals who are firmly grounded in their particular specialty but are able to grasp global-scale challenges facing the globalizing society such as environmental destruction, cultural conflict, and economic inequality, as a cross-disciplinary problem, and incorporate results of research from other fields to create innovation for the sustainable development of humanities’ future.

To that end, the JDPSR will award a degree to the student who acquires the following five capabilities for the (A) basic capability for sustainability research, (B) advanced and developmental capability necessary for sustainability research.

(A) Basic capability: general knowledge required for sustainability research, basic analysis methodology, and execution ability necessary for research activities in the international community

  1. Internationally-minded with a sense of ethics based on a foundation of universal and practical knowledge
  2. Practical foundation in ethics and technique that can be adopted widely in international society
  3. Ability to think logically and facilitate communication

(B) Advanced and developmental capabilities: acquired advanced level of knowledge and logical thinking grounded in one’s own area of expertise, and is able to incorporate collaboratively with other fields to resolve one’s own challenges

  1. Advanced and expert knowledge and research capability in one’s field of expertise, in the areas of politics/economy, food/life, energy/resources/ environment, ICT/artificial intelligence, medicine/welfare/health, etc.
  2. Ability to understand the background and values of different cultures and different fields, and able to adopt various opinions and build consensus in response to the social environment so as to create innovation collaboratively with people from other fields beyond your own area of expertise
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