Hiroshi Yokoi

Hiroshi Yokoi – UEC

Measurement/Control Engineering


It is inevitable to solve a broad range of problems caused by aging and poverty and create a comfortable living environment for every one of us.
High-performance intelligent functions and automation based on the development of mechatronics, medical engineering, and measurement/control technology are rapidly being developed and further enhanced in the area of transportation, aerospace, medical care, and various other fields. Measurement and control technology emerged from transverse engineering. It is structured by input, output, and functions of objectives and enables us to grasp (analyze, recognize, and optimize) the connection of objectives as a system.
In order to respond to the needs of modern society, we offer research and education opportunities in mechatronics and medical engineering. This enables the students to systematically understand human characteristics and functions such as sensation/perception and movement.
We will aim to create a society in which robots and human beings live in harmony and improve and support lives of elderly and physically challenged people.
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