Koji Enoki

Koji Enoki – UEC

Energy and Thermal Engineering


In the face of the various problems facing the world, especially in order to develop a sustainable energy society, as typified by the terms “carbon neutral” and “decarbonization,” it is important to improve the efficiency of the mechanical machines and devices that support our human civilization. Our department, which is responsible for educating the next generation of leaders in this field, is required to have a high level of energy literacy and to be in a position to train human resources in various parts of the world.
Therefore, our department will conduct design of mechanical machine and device for energy transportation and our research activities will focus on methods to improve the efficiency of these devices through manufacturing education based on mechanical engineering. In addition, we aim to develop human resources capable of research and education with a deep understanding of energy, and to contribute to fundamental solutions to the world’s energy problems from the standpoint of human resources.
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