Field Work at Nogawa River

On June 18th our students attended field work at Nogawa river, which runs through the area of our three universities. This field work was a part of the Foundation course for D1 students, and for this time Mr. Junji Hashimoto (aqua-sphere) was invited as a guest lecturer on the water environment.

We felt the terrain as we went down the slope toward the river. We formed pairs and collected samples of water at eight locations during the 2.5km walking, including the Nature Observation Garden in Nogawa Park. At each point of river, water had different characteristics. In some points spring water was flowing in, while other points had influx of domestic wastewater.

After collecting water samples, we conducted water quality inspections and compared their differences.

Students discussed the results based on the topography and observed environment around Nogawa. Students also shared aquatic environmental situations in their home country.

Working through a doctoral course can be a tough and lonely journey, but on this day we shared knowledge and a refreshing moment in the beautiful environment of West Tokyo.




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